Strategic vs. Free Flow Style

A defined strategy not only builds brand awareness – it differentiates your message – giving you the competitive advantage.

Experienced – Talented
Unique Approach-Successful Track Record

Impressive Client List

Results That Fit Your Needs


A Media Strategist (Trainer) with A Proven Track Record:

  • Impressive TOP tier Broadcast Client List
  • 25 years of domestic and international experience.  
  • Diverse Skill Set
    • punch up a speech
    • develop a natural delivery style that works for you (any size audience)
    • teleprompter coaching

Over 20+ years

Facilitating TCA, media strategy (training) sessions for top level executives, producers and talent.

Special Events Prep:  Oscars, Emmys, Up Fronts, Consumer Electronics Show, NAPTE, TV Academy, Paley Center, Digital Hollywood, panels, individual print & electronic interviews & more!

One-on-One Coaching Executives, Producers, & Talent



  • Mastering key interview skills for electronic & print media
  • How to take control of the interview
  • Building Brand awareness
  • Turning “negatives” into “positives”
  • Delivering usable “sound bites”

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