Media Strategy Session

A Collaborative Process

Working with: Studio Executives, Producers, Showrunners, Writers and Talent
to give their show the competitive advantage

GOAL:  Facilitate sessions with clients to discuss & determine a strategy that will present the Network (Brand) & their show in the best possible way during a variety of promotional opportunities from panels to individual interviews.


  • Determine & prioritize KEY MESSAGES (Consistent Messaging/Talking Points) that will leverage the show in a way that creates interest and generates more press
  • Build brand awareness.
  • Go over any potential “hot button” issues that need to be discussed prior to doing press
  • Discuss the difference between "Strategic vs. Free Flow" panel/press process
  • Actors: Character Development/plot points” they can discuss
  • Make sure everyone is on the same page when talking about the show
  • Prepare for: Panels, one-on-one, print and electronic interviews.

SUMMARY:  Everyone is encouraged to be a part of the strategy session:

  • Consistent messaging;
  • Insights that will be valuable for those who do not have the same breadth of experience;
  • Opportunity to go over potential questions that may be asked by the press;
  • Strategies on most effective ways to position the brand, and;
  • Techniques to control the situation and deliver keys messages (turning negatives into positives).

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