Frequently Asked Questions

When you try to be something you’re not or copy someone else’s style – it only gets in the way.

Q – What makes your methodology different from others?

A – Practical Experience.  I have had over 25 years of success developing and using a very simple and results focused formula.  My goal is to build a delivery style that is a natural extension of the individual.  I build on what a person does well, assess what they need do differently and then provide the tools for moving them to the next level of excellence.  When you try to be something you’re not or copy someone else’s style – it only gets in the way.

Q – What’s one of the most important “takeaways” from your Media Strategy Sessions?

A – Self-Assurance.    Regardless of the venue, (Executive Presentation, Panel, Interview), it’s important that clients walk away with specific tools that give them a renewed confidence and the ability to control the situation.  There are basically two types of interviews.  The “Free Flow” style comes across as “scattered” because of a lack of preparation.  There isn’t any consistent messaging or building Brand Awareness.  The “Strategic” style is the opposite. The interviewee is in control and guides the direction of the discussion, differentiates the Brand, and builds awareness.

Q – What about those individuals who say they really don’t need “Media Training”?

A – I think the term “Media Training” may be misinterpreted by some to mean “help for the beginner”.  I use the term Media Strategy Session.  Remember, all great artists have one thing in common; they practice.  The purpose of the strategy session is to prepare clients by providing a discussion to determine what messages need to be communicated, how to build brand awareness around the message and most importantly how to be a good “storyteller.”

Experts say a good Chess player is thinking in the moment, a great one is thinking a step ahead.

Q – What type of Business Services do you provide?

A - I’m a Business Solutions Specialist.  What that means is working with individuals or teams to identify practical and functional skills that can be applied in the workplace, so employees become problem solvers, not problem makers.

My experience is extensive both domestically & internationally.  I have worked with top level executives as a business coach, as well facilitating a wide range of Team Building Sessions, with fortune 100 companies.  I am the author of the corporate Best Seller: Trainers In Motion: Creating A Participant Centered Learning Environment.  I was one of the top rated facilitators for American Management Association.  I continue to work with companies on team building; crisis management; and identifying best practices, that provide the tools to maintain a strategic competitive advantage over the competition and an overall positive return on investment. (MBTI: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - Qualified)