Executive Presentations

A great presentation should tell a memorable story, with a defined message, while building awareness & enhancing your brand.

GOAL: To develop a delivery style that is natural, fits your personality, and comes across with power & confidence.


  • Time-Tested Success
  • Determining the Target- Not being the Target!
  • Teleprompter Coaching
  • “Strategic” vs. “Free Flow” interviews.
  • Controlling the message
  • Turning negatives into positives.
  • Strategies that leverage and differentiate a company’s brand, by delivering message points in compact sound bites, leading to positive press coverage.

“Know how to deal with potential “hot button” issues prior to doing panels or press, so you don’t get “burned”!


  • Build on foundation of what a person does well. (assets)
  • Determine what they need to do differently. (change)
  • Provide skills to reach that level of excellence.
  • Experience as Executive Coaching:TCA (Television Critics Association); Up Fronts; Paley Panels, NAPTE, CES (Consumer Electronics Show); Comic-Con; Digital Hollywood; Town Halls; Social Media and a variety of other conferences & special events.

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